Ole Marius Tørrisen, born in Oslo in 1990.
BA (Hons) Graphic Design from University College Falmouth
Self-trained fiber artist.
Tea addict.

My formal education –  and work experience is in graphic design. However, I am curious by nature, and love to explore new techniques and ideas. Some years ago I bought a simple rigid heddle loom, and thought myself how to weave with it. Since then I have woven many meters of fabrics. Most of my working day I spend in front of a mac, creating designs for screens. Weaving allows me to create something very physical – and it is a great outlet for creativity. I often also spin yarn myself with a simple drop spindle. Not only does it allow me to create a piece all the way from start to finish, but it allows me even greater control over textures and the look and feel of the finished cloth.

I have also been a student of chanoyu – the Japanese tea ceremony for a few years now. Yet again, an ancient art far removed from my digital daily life. Still, I feel like both Tea and weaving can be a huge inspiration in my design life. The simple minimalism of the tea room mixes very well with Scandinavian design trends, while patterns on the loom can transform into ideas in Illustrator (and the other way around of course).