by Ole Marius 2019/02/20 0

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Life is man’s best time.

by Ole Marius 2019/02/05 0

Words of wisdom from Matti.

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A tale of dragons

by Ole Marius 2019/01/24 0

So, I have had this stupid idea in my head for months, if not years actually. A dragon fruit tapestry. What makes it even more stupid, is that I’m not even a big fan of dragon fruit. But somehow, this idea of making a tapestry based on it keeps on haunting me. I have never...

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To new beginings ​

by Ole Marius 2019/01/09 0

New year, new me, right? I will try to get back into blogging. Not necessarily writing all that much, but as a visual diary of my works. Snapshots from things I’m working on at the moment, or sketches or drawings, or perhaps a glimpse of what is on the loom. As a start, I might...

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